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Where The Merri Meets Edgars Creek, Silver gelatin print developed in coffee, vitamin c, and sodium carbonate, stiched together with thread, 2022

A Diachronic Wind is the first exhibition in the One Vast Library (OVL)series. Incorporating the work of Australian artists with a focus on photographic, performance and moving-image practice, this exhibition examines the differing temporal experiences and impacts of anthropogenic emission and ongoing debates around the dating of the Anthropocene in the context of colonisation. The works presented share an anachronistic relationship with their subjects or medium, reflecting qualities of deferral and lag, or sitting outside of typical conventions of time. These perspectives deepen an understanding of the complexity of climate-based violence and how it is experienced across a wider temporal range, in comparison to the more dominant immediacies of contemporary crisis narratives.


Where The Merri Meets Edgars Creek @ MADA Gallery Curated by Tim Riley Walsh

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