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Uninstructing Photography
Collective Agitation Workshop

Uninstructing Photography was a week-long conversation and activation around the blind spots

in higher education photography, taking place at the art school KASK & Conservatorium (Ghent, Belgium).

From March 21st until March 25th, 2022, the photography department at KASK & Conservatorium,

organized a spring school where we surpass the teacher’s authority and search for fertile

ground in teaching each other. In the exchanges between students lies a valuable way of instructing

and learning, an informal and secret sharing that tackles issues missing from the curricula.

To this end, we launch an international open call to photography students. The call was simple:

What can you bring to photography education? What is lacking in current photography education?

What questions absent from the school (conceptual, historical, technical, etc.) do you wish to address?

KASK looked to actively acknowledge and valorize these questions by selecting out of your

proposals and inviting groups of maximum three students from four different (inter)national schools to Ghent to initiate workshops and discussions around their topics. S week of sharing with fellow

students, teachers, and experts from the photographic field and beyond.

This week of gathering, dialogue, and action on the KASK & Conservatorium campus could be seen as

an institutionalized or formalized version of a hallway conversation.

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